Crankshaft Grinding Crankshaft Grinding

Nicol & Andrew Plc. We are the worlds most experienced company for carrying out on site machining, in situ machining and portable machining including crankshaft grinding worldwide. Crankshaft Grinding World-Wide

We carry out Crankshaft grinding between centres or on site with full Lloyds approval.





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"How We Can Help You Get Your Crankshaft Up And Running With Minimum Downtime"

With portable equipment our technicians come to your works or vessel to repair worn or damaged:- Crankshaft Crankpins, Crankshaft Main Journals, Thrust Faces, Keyways and other parts of your Marine or Industrial Crankshaft quickly and cost effectively using on site Machining. We do this using our own specialist equipment.

These types of repair are also suited to all kinds of Pump Shafts, Drive Shafts and Propulsion shafts.

The Benefits!

We come to you:- You do not have to make plans for transport of your crankshaft to a workshop.You do not need to remove the shaft from the engine or press. You do not need to rotate the shaft (main journal repair excepted) .

We save you time:- Some of these repairs can be carried out in as little as 12 hours.

We save you money:-The equipment does not have to be stripped down and transported or re-assembled. The savings on this alone are usually very significant.

We keep your plant running:- Downtime is minimised so that you can be back in production and earning money much sooner.


Crankshaft RepairsCrankshaft Repairs

Crankpin Being Machined In-Situ

Machining a 200mm diameter Crankpin
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What is a Crankpin?
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  • Machining and polishing of crankshaft crankpins is carried out to OEM tolerances and surface finish specifications. We have performed this type of in-situ repair hundreds of times over the years and we guarantee total customer satisfaction.
  • We cover standard crankshaft diameters from 75mm up to 1000mm. Our patented Orbital Equipment rotates around the damaged crankpin journal using the Radii as a datum.
  • Damaged crankshaft radius? No problem, with our proven ability to remachine most radii in alignment with the original shaft centreline.
  • We Can also Hone and Polish your crankpin if the damage is slight or you just want to improve the surface finish up to 0.3mMRa.

Top Crankshaft Main journal RepairsCrankshaft Main journal Repairs

  • Grinding or machining and polishing of crankshaft main journals is one of our specialities. Our repairs are guaranteed to be completed to OEM (original equipment manufacturers) tolerances and surface finish specifications.
  • The only limit to the diameter catered for is the physical space available within the engine to mount our equipment.
  • For this sort of work the crankshaft has to be rotated, this is usually achieved with the engine barring gear.

  What is a Main Journal?
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Main Journal Being Machined and Superfinished In-Situ

Main Journal being Ground
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  • Due to restricted access on the smaller engines this sort of work tends to be performed on main engines. Typically B&W, MAN, Mirrlees, Pielstick, Sulzer, and Wartsila.
 Crankshaft Thrust FaceCrankshaft Thrust Face RepairsTop

Crankshaft Thrust Face Being Ground In-Situ.

Thrust Face being Ground
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  What is a Thrust face?
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  • Grinding or machining and polishing of crankshaft thrust faces can take place within the engine. We can rotate around the crankshaft using our orbital grinding equipment or we can rotate the crankshaft and use a fixed grinding head.
  • The only limit to the diameter or face width catered for is the physical space available within the engine to mount our equipment.

Top Selective PlatingSelective Plating & Journal Repairs

  • Selective Electroplating (also called Brush Plating) of damaged bearing areas can be carried out most shafts including crankshafts. We have Lloyds approval for these types of brush plating repairs.
  • The damaged surface can be returned to its original or better condition by brush plating and grindding without having to resort to major undersize bearings.
  • Scored thrust faces are particularly suited to this type of repair.
  What is Selective Plating?
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Main Engine Crankpin Being Electroplated and Machined In-Situ

Plated Repair to Wartsila V46 Crankpin
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Shaft Keyway MachiningShaft Keyway MachiningTop
Large Keyways Machined into a Stepped Shaft

Large Keyways Machined into a Stepped Shaft
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  What is Keyway Machining?
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  • All kinds of Keyways can be machined In-Situ.
  • We cater for any size and length on both round and flat surfaces.
  • Edges of the Keyways can be built up with weld and then Re-machined to suit.
  • The mating parts can often also be machined at site.
 Crankshaft GrindingCrankshaft GrindingTop
  • Crankshaft grinding can be carried out between centres with full Lloyds approval. Sizes catered for range from small generator crankshafts right up to the larger main engine types.
  • Overall crankshaft length of 9 Metres with a stroke of 700mm.
  • Crankshaft chrome plating to a depth of 1mm on radius with Lloyds approval is also offered.
  • We can also straighten your crankshaft if required.
We Also Offer The Following ServicesTop
  • Coupling Bolt Hole Boring and Reaming.
  • Welding up of worn or damaged parts where applicable.
  • Crankshaft Damper Repairs.
  • Non Destructive Testing.
  • Crankshaft Alignment Checks.
  • We supply many different types of undersize bearings.
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