Line Boring & Repairs To Diesel Engine Entablatures

We carry out on site machining, in situ machining and portable machining including crankshaft grinding worldwide. Precision On Site Line Boring.
On site machining and in-situ machining (including crankshaft grinding) carried out worldwide, 24 hours a day 365 days per year.
We repair diesel engine blocks by line boring, honing, in-situ electroplating, metalstitching and welding.





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How We Can Help You Get Your Engine Block Back in Service With Minimum Downtime!

With portable equipment our technicians travel to you to undertake precision Line Boring of damaged or mis-aligned bores with a wide range of our own custom designed equipment.

We also repair:- Cylinder Liner Lands, Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Heads, entablature seating faces and most other parts of the diesel engine block.

The Benefits!

We come to you:- You do not have to make plans for transport of your equipment to a workshop.

We save you time:- Some of these repairs can be carried out in as little as 24 hours.

We save you money:-The equipment does not have to be stripped down and transported or re-assembled. The savings on this alone are usually very significant.

We keep your plant running:- Downtime is minimised so that you can be back in production and earning a return much sooner.


Line Boring of Main Journal Pockets
In-Situ Line Bored Engine Block

Line Bored Allen S37 Engine Block
Enlarge Picture
What is a Pocket?
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  • On site line boring can take place on large numbers of in-line bores e.g. main journal pockets. These can be accurately machined and aligned with several metres separating each bore.
  • We cater for diameters ranging from 25mm to 1000mm as standard, with individual bore lengths up to 3 metres.
  • Optical and Laser Alignment is used to ensure total accuracy.
  • Our in-situ electroplating and line boring service can restore your pockets and caps to original size and tolerance.

 Liner Landing Machining & Repairs

  • Both upper and lower Liner Landings can be machined to remove damage to the face and to the bore.
  • Inserts of cast iron or steel can be supplied and fitted to return the bores to original size and specification.
  •  New!
    Top liner lands (on SEMT Pielstick engines in particular) can be machined without removing the studs using our specially designed machine.

What is a Liner Landing?
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In-Situ Liner Landing Repair

Machining a damaged Lower Liner Land
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 Cylinder Head Repairs
Fusion Weld Repair to Cylinder Head

Fusion Weld Repair to Cylinder Head
What is a Cylinder Head?
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  • Most of this work is carried out in our workshops and not In-Situ.
  • We can fusion weld your cracked Cylinder Head and refit and refurbish the valve guides as required. We can re-machine the Cylinder Head (to correct any distortion) which is then cleaned and painted as required.
  • We can also carry out a Metal Stitch repair to some parts of the Cylinder Head if applicable.
 Cylinder Liners
  • We carry out Cyliner De-Glazing and Honing of Cylinder Liners both at our Glasgow factory and In-situ.
  • A perfect cross hatch finish is produced and ovality can be removed by our process unlike many other so called de-glazing processes.
  • We can also refurbish the seal areas on old liners by chrome plating or Metal Spraying and grinding.
What is a Cylinder Liner?
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Deglazing of Cylinder Liners in Our Factory

Cylinder Liners after Deglazing
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 Other On Site Services
  • Bearing Cap Repairs
  • Butt Face Grinding
  • Bedplate Milling & Grinding
  • Metal Stitching
  • Line boring of damaged camshaft bores

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